1. Maya
2. Softimage
3. 3D Studio Max\Character Studio
4. Photoshop


Studio Roqovan Tarzana, CA May 2015 – Feb. 2018
Senior/Lead Animator
·Created first and third person character animations for World War Toons VR/non VR
·Worked with code and design to implement animations in Unreal 4
·Created character skin guides to minimize animation clipping.
·Assigned tasks to animator and tech artist
·Worked on E3 trailer

Carbine Studios (NCSoft), Aliso Viejo, CA Sept 2007 – Oct 2014
Character Animator
·Created Player Character, NPC, Creature animations, for Wildstar-online.
·Provided assets and inspirational work for prototyping combat.
·Animated base kit animations for 40 characters.
·Contributed to creating a more effective debugging process. ·
*Created a visual language to quickly describe telegraph combat. (Document link) ·
*Lead development of Hoverboard mount in spare time. (Video link)
·Pitched a geometry based fx system that eliminated lag from affecting weapon trails.
·Created run speed tool so that animators could match footfalls.
·Posed the Wildstar Box cover in 3d for paint over, under art direction.

Collision Studios, Venice, CA May 2006 – Jan. 2007
Character Animator
· Worked with lead designer to design attack motions, for 300: March to Glory.
· Designed and created 60+ attack animations for King Leoniades in 3 months with character studio.
· Helped develop player input method that has 2 interupt frames for better player control.

Capcom Studio 8, Sunnyvale, CA Dec. 2004 – Mar. 2006
Associate 3d Artist/Animator
· Animated 11 enemy characters, for Final Fight: Streetwise.
· Cleaned up old animations for use with new models.
· Used Maya and Photoshop to light and render models for game manual.


The Art Institute of California, Orange County Santa Ana, CA
Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation

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